Report : Da Nang: Extreme Rainfall, Climate Change and Flooding

Report : Da Nang: Extreme Rainfall, Climate Change and Flooding

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Author: CDKN
Tags: climate resilience, disaster risk management, extreme weather events

Rapid development in Da Nang’s urban and peri-urban areas is increasing flood frequency and severity in the city during extreme rain events. Climate change will increase the intensity (mm/hr) of extreme rainfall events in and around Da Nang. In 2007, a moderate rainfall event caused significant flooding in the city; flooding was clearly exacerbated by rapid development and urbanization occurring in the floodplain. By the end of the 2020s, climate change could increase the rainfall intensity of events like 2007 storms by 3 to 24%. Construction standards based on historical experience, even of rare extreme events such as the 1999 storm, will not prepare houses and infrastructure for future events. If the city continues to expand into low-lying areas without taking a multi-activity flood risk reduction approach and multi-hazard resilient construction, damage and possible loss of life may be severe even in areas of new construction.

This policy brief, Da Nang: Extreme Rainfall, Climate Change and Flooding, looks at the future climate and rainfall in Da Nang and current and potential resilience activities.

Sheltering From a Gathering Storm is a two-year project supported by CDKN targeting peri-urban areas in India, Vietnam and Pakistan to identify practical solutions for resilient shelters and the long-term economic returns of investing in such shelter structures, focussing on cities facing risks from typhoons, flooding and extreme heat.

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