POLICY BRIEF: Considering Growth and Equity in SADC Today

POLICY BRIEF: Considering Growth and Equity in SADC Today

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Author: CDKN
Country: Africa
Tags: adaptation, green growth, green growth best practice, low carbon growth

The Green Guide (GG): Aligning political and social contexts for Green and Inclusive Growth project, funded by the Climate Development Knowledge Network, provides an important opportunity to carry out action-oriented research and to explore some of the innately complex political issues which arise in the process of re-calibrating economies for greener and more inclusive growth. The trajectory of growth within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) presents potential and real opportunities for the guide to provide insight on sustainable and equitable growth. The lessons learned from the project could potentially also be applicable to a broader cross-section of other developing countries.

This short brief, Considering Growth and Equity in SADC Today, details background research conducted by members of the Core Working Group, shared challenges and the underpinning conceptual framework to the Green Guide project.

Further reading:

Project homepage: A Green Guide to align political and social contexts for green and inclusive growth
Research paper: Locating the Policy Space for Inclusive Green Growth within the SADC Extractive Sector
Policy brief: Going Green with Equity
Policy brief: From Research to Results: Greener Pathways for the SADC Region



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