June newsletter: New innovation funding announced - plus reflections on Rio

June newsletter: New innovation funding announced - plus reflections on Rio

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Author: CDKN Global

It's been a busy month and this edition includes views on the Rio+20 Summit and what it means for the future of climate compatible development.  We're delighted to announce the launch of a new round of funding to support innovation in Africa.  Plus, learn how CDKN is supporting development of mobile phone apps to help communities tackle climate change, and read our latest project results in 'Climate and Development Outlook' (left).

CDKN views on the Rio+20 Summit

CDKN's Claudia Martinez contrast this month's Rio+20 Summit with the original Rio Earth Summit. CDKN's Ari Huhtala and Pippa Heylings provide their reflections on Rio+20 including thoughts on the official text, the Natural Capital Declaration and the role of cities in linking local and global action.

'Life Apps' project harnesses mobile phone apps to tackle climate change

Reframing Rio, a multimedia project led by tve, has produced five documentary films following the progress of digital entrepreneurs from developing countries as they go on the road, researching and creating new ‘Life Apps’: mobile phone apps to help low income communities strengthen their livelihoods.  A CDKN supported film in India uncovered farmers' struggles with increasingly erratic rainfall.  Entrepreneur Sanchin Gaur developed an app that allows local farmers to share experience with crop diversification and organic methods and so enjoy more reliable harvests.  Watch a short clip of the film.

CDKN Innovation Fund - (round 2 - Africa focus) is now open

CDKN is pleased to announce that Round 2 of its Africa Innovation Fund is now open.   The fund supports innovation process projects in the Africa region. It is designed as open and competitive to provide fast-moving support for creative initiatives in the field of climate change and international development.   Round 2 will support two innovation process awards of up to GBP100,000 each. Subsequently CDKN may provide awards of up to GBP200,000 each to support the implementation of high-quality results from the innovation processes.  Find out more including eligibility criteria and how to apply.
What is climate security?
We talk to Pippa Heylings, Regional Director of CDKN in Latin America and the Caribbean at Rio+20
Call for expressions of interest: Secretariat to the Africa Group of Negotiators (AGN) in the UNFCCC Process
To provide the AGN with strategic and policy guidance on the multilateral climate change process, technical assistance on key negotiating issues, and logistical and administrative support.

CDKN publications

Inside stories -
Strengthening climate resilience:  The case Grenada

 & Redistributing the benefits from REDD+: The case of Viet Nam

Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of change from CDKN, edition three

News in climate compatible development

Q&A: Involvement of local communities key to climate change adaptation

Environment in trouble in most biodiverse African country

Saving the Mangroves front

CDKN en español

Luego de Río+20: Un balance de la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Desarrollo Sostenible

En Río+20, la filósofa y activista ambiental Vandana Shiva destaca la riqueza de la Amazonía

If you're developing policies or programmes to integrate climate adaptation, mitigation and human development, CDKN wants to hear from you. Visit www.cdkn.org, or email enquiries@cdkn.org.

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