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FILM: CDKN in conversation… with Mihir Bhatt, CDKN India

Mihir Bhatt, CDKN’s country leader for India, on how India is improving its resilience to climate change with national, state and district action plans, and how CDKN is supporting positive change in ecosystem development, as well as assisting in the retrofitting of past development.

Long-term vulnerabilities faced by India’s poor as a result of climate change, such as uncertainty of income, loss of assets, access to education and healthcare, are compounded by the risk of extreme weather events. Mihir notes how the largest effort to improve resilience to climate change is being carried out by the poor themselves; Cyclone Phailin saw great success in the mass-evacuation but although lives were saved, livelihoods were lost. Many people, in taking out insurance to protect against future loss and damage were able to claim back their lost assets.

Mihir is interviewed by Mairi Dupar, CDKN Global Public Affairs Co-ordinator, as part of the ‘CDKN in conversation’ video series.

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