REPORT: Climate change financing for cities in Indonesia


REPORT: Climate change financing for cities in Indonesia

This report, under the project ‘finding the finance: climate compatible development in Asian cities’, contains a scoping study on how climate actions in cities in Indonesia can be financed. There are many source of funds such as from international and national level, however, the study also identifies source of funds at the local level that can be used to finance climate actions at city level.

A case study on financing for climate actions in city of Kupang was undertaken, which leads to several interesting findings in regards to financing climate actions for cities. The case study identifies the needs for local government, particularly cities, to have an adequate development planning that accommodates climate change issues. The study also finds that although source of funds are existed at the local level, however, the fund allocation is not directed to climate actions; thus a multi-stakeholders forum on climate change which involves local Government, local CSOs, private sectors, and other relevant stakeholders, are needed to exchange and identify the needs. It is also identified, that the local government authority is also important.

Knowing that there may be areas that are not within the authority of the city government, but it is under provincial authority, which hinders city government to not making any relevant intervention.

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