REPORT: Raising the Bar – CDKN in Asia

REPORT: Raising the Bar – CDKN in Asia

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Author: CDKN Asia
Tags: extreme weather events, heatwaves, rainfall pattern

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) is in its sixth year of providing support to decision makers in Asian countries to tackle the threat posed by climate change. To highlight its achievements and ongoing work, CDKN Asia releases ‘Raising the Bar - CDKN in Asia’. Climate change is already having a negative impact on development and poses the greatest challenge to the world's poorest countries. New climate- related risks are adding to the existing challenges of tackling poverty and promoting human development. One cannot be resolved without addressing the others. In Asia, a large number of issues relating to climate change affect the most vulnerable. Impacts of climate change are already being witnessed in increased extreme weather events and phenomena such as cyclones, hurricanes, heat waves, intense rainfall, prolonged dry spells, glacial lake outburst floods, snow avalanches and severe dust storms. Such events and phenomena are predicted to become more frequent in the future.

To read in detail of the climate change and development challenges faced by Asian countries and CDKN’s support to help overcome these, download the full brochure.

Download the brochure; ‘Raising the Bar –CDKN in Asia

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