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Agriculture presentation – Africa

To encourage a dialogue on What’s in it for Africa, this slideshow of 16 images on Africa’s agriculture can be used by anyone for training and discussion purposes.

According to What’s in it for Africa and the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, part of Africa’s vulnerability lies in the fact that recent development gains have been in climate-sensitive sectors. Economically, many Africans depend for food, fibre and income on primary sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, sectors which are affected by rising temperatures, rising sea levels and erratic rainfall. Reduced crop productivity is associated with heat and drought stress and will have strong adverse effects on regional, national and household livelihood and food security. Solutions put forward by the report includetechnological adaptation responses, enhancing smallholder access to credit and other critical production resources, diversifying livelihoods, strengthening institutions at local, national and regional levels to support agriculture, gender- orientated policy and agronomic adaptation responses.

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What's in it for Africa

A slideshow of images to accompany the agriculture, forestry, fisheries and land-use content of What's in it for Africa

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