Project : Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to support implementation of the Uttarakhand Action Plan on Climate Change

Project : Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to support implementation of the Uttarakhand Action Plan on Climate Change

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Asia, India

Project Reference: TAAS-0036

Developing countries face huge challenges in balancing economic growth and incorporating climate resilience into development. Uttarakhand being a mountainous state is seen as more vulnerable to climate change. The State has formalised its draft action plan on climate change (‘Uttarakhand Action Plan for Climate Change’ (UAPCC)) that describes the current condition of the State, its vulnerability to climate change based on experienced changes and provides a way-forward for the near future.

The UAPCC is a valuable document which provides an overall steer and indication of the Government’s intent with regards to climate change. However, the plan recognizes its limitations due to the weak evidence base on climate change risks and opportunities in the state. It was developed based on existing secondary literature available and consultations with local experts. As a result the UAPCC contains a long-list of possible adaptation actions for each sector, without any prioritisation. This therefore makes it difficult for departments to identify and select those actions for investment which will have maximum impact. There is also a risk that such actions could also result in mal-adaptation due to the interconnected nature of climate change risks across sectors.

The UAPCC itself highlights the fact that a well-defined and all inclusive policy document should be based on structured research on how the changing climate is impacting people and systems, and how both are adapting autonomously. An analysis of how past and current climatic changes including extreme weather events are already affecting development in the state, illustrates the current deficit in planning. Future climate projections and scenarios of climate impacts on implications for lives and livelihoods shall indicate areas for future planning.

CDKN supported a Vulnerability and Risk Assessment process in Uttarakhand to provide the Government of Uttarakhand with the evidence base to refine and prioritise the UAPCC. This helped to facilitate the implementation of the plan. At the same time, an important component of the enabling environment for climate compatible development in the state is the level of ownership and leadership at various levels and in different sectors. As such an integrated component dealt with engagement of stakeholders and institutionalizing the UAPCC within the wider policy and decision-making process of the state.

A comprehensive consultative design stage for the methodology of the assessment process has been completed. Read a Background Report to learn more.

CDKN Funding: 430,000