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PROJECT: Risk and vulnerability mapping for the Zambezi River Basin

Project Reference: RSAF-0012

Projected climate change, economic development and population changes are expected to have far-reaching consequences in the Zambezi River Basin. CDKN supported a project led by One World’s Regional Climate Change Programme (RCCP) to conduct high-resolution and detailed mapping of the central and lower regions of the Zambezi River Basin highly vulnerable to climate change, and where substantial infrastructural and economic developments are planned.

Many of the largest existing and planned hydropower plants in Southern Africa as well as larger planned irrigation schemes are in this Basin. (For more information about the future of hydro-power in the Zambezi River Basin, you can read a blog by Randall Spalding-Fecher on a CDKN-supported project assessing the impact of climate change and upstream irrigation on hydropower development.). Scientifically robust, integrated and context-relevant information and tools are required that will allow policy-makers and planners to make informed choices on how they might respond to the impacts of climate change.

This project focused on Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with some attention on Namibia (Caprivi) and southern Malawi (Shire sub-basin). It aimed to inform climate resilient development decisions. The high resolution spatial analysis sought to highlight, among other things, where investments should be targeted for maximum benefit, as climate compatible development needs can differ between neighbouring communities and sub-basins. The objective was for the results to inform national development planning and climate change strategies and action plans as well as trans-boundary collaborative action around shared Basin resources. The project aimed to strengthen capacity for managing the Zambezi Basin through connecting stakeholders, helping to stimulate partnerships beyond the project and supporting policy-makers to make climate-resilient development decisions through high-quality evidence-based research.

Lead: Regional Climate Change Programme (RCCP), OneWorld Sustainable investments

CDKN funding: £121,000

Region/Country: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia

Type: Research, Innovation Fund

The image is courtesy of Kieran Wynn and can be viewed here.

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