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PROJECT: Regional centre on climate change and decision-making

Project Reference: KNLA-0004

The objective of this project was to support enhanced decision making on climate compatible development in Latin America and the Caribbean through supporting key parts of the Climate Change and Decision Making Centre’s work programme and to support the Centre to become an established climate compatible development decision making network.

The Regional Centre for Climate Change and Decision Making is an initiative of UNESCO and AVINA Foundation, and comprises a network of over 10 universities and training institutions of countries in the Southern Cone of Latin America. The Centre aims to support and to strengthen public, private and academic sectors in Latin America through analytical dialogue and training activities which promote the effective integration of sciences in public and private management for addressing the challenges of global climate change. It emphasises the capacity building of public and private decision makers to incorporate the complexity of climate change in decision making processes.

The main activities supported by CDKN were:

  1. National workshops focused on Adaptation to Climate Change. Three national workshops were organised in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay with participants coming from the private, civil society and governmental sectors. The goal of the workshops was to promote and facilitate the integration of climate change science into decision making through building capacity of medium and high level decision makers.
  1. A seminar on Climate Change and Decision Making, which entailed a 3 day seminar to generate an in-depth analysis and discussion of how decisions are made in relation to climate change in the public and private sectors.

Funding  £50,000

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