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PROJECT: Supporting Peru to deliver a successful COP presidency

Project Reference: TALA-0031ad

The project aimed to support the Government of Peru in hosting COP20 and delivering a successful presidency. CDKN commissioned Libelula to:

  • Coordinate training for the Peruvian delegation
  • Organise, facilitate and commission papers for 3 strategic thinking sessions of the presidency group, and
  • Develop the presidency’s mitigation strategy for COP20


  • Improving the ability to the COP presidency to drive a consensus on mitigation issues during COP20.
  • Building the Peruvian delegation’s knowledge and capacity by ensuring that training is adequately tailored to the demands of the delegation and is relevant in the context of Peru.
  • Creating the conditions for a successful COP and mitigating challenges by supporting the COP Presidency in developing their strategy and delivery plan.

Suppliers: Libélula Comunicación Ambiente y Desarrollo

Partners: Pia Zevallos, Senior Mitigation Advisor, Rodrigo Catro, Project Coordinator, María Paz Cigarán, Strategic Advisor, Roberto Acosta, Consultant

Project Value: £107,527

Who to contact: Carolina Proaño-Castro – Project Manager Peru 

Picture: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

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