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PROJECT: Strengthening journalists’ networks for NDC implementation in Latin America

Project Reference: KNLA-0011b

The purpose of the project was to build and increase capacities and knowledge of Latin American journalists in order to improve the coverage of environmental and climate change topics, with a particular focus on the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).

The specific objectives of the projects were:

  1. To strengthen capacities and increase awareness and knowledge among journalists about the importance of INDCs for Latin America, especially for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador.
  2. To increase and improve the coverage of INDCs through feature reports and/or news published national/regional media in order to contribute with positioning this subject on the regional agenda.
  3. To strengthen and consolidate the regional network of journalist created in 2013.
  4. To ensure sustainability of the network by expanding its members and the interest of the participating organisations.


  1. Two webinars, with two corresponding reports
  2. Publication of reports in media, through the journalist fund
  3. Final Report of the project, 10 images of high quality and an Inside Story documenting the experience of the project

Suppliers: Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA)

Partners: Jimmy Carrillo, Joaquin Ortiz, Jorge Villanueva, María Elena Gutierrez, Eduardo Durand, Adriana Soto and Monica Araya

CDKN funding: £25,595

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