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PROJECT: State of public policies collaboration in action workshop and policy brief

Project Reference: AALA-0006

The overall project objective was to contribute to improving the quality of public policies and of strategies regarding climate change and development in Latin America by building capacities of decision-makers in the region.

The specific project objectives were to:

  • Encourage analysis among key actors about what recommendations Latin America and Caribbean public policy makers should take into account in the region when designing and implementing public policies related to climate compatible development. This was achieved through a 2 day regional forum.
  • Contribute to building capacities of regional policy-makers, negotiators and decision-makers to design and implement public policies on climate change and development. Participants were also provided with a policy brief, after the workshop, which analysed and evaluated five dimensions of public policies on climate compatible development in 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: i) the climate results/impact of policies; ii) quality of design; iii) level of implementation; iv) institutional strength; and, v) political and social support.

Suppliers: Maria de los Angeles Ortiz, Coordinadora de Programas de Cambio Climático y Eco-regiones, Fundación Cambio Democrático

Partners: Pablo Lumerman, Jimena Psathakis, Antonio Bernales, Fabricio Brodziak, Carlos Salazar, Julio Martinez, Maria de los Angeles Ortiz, Ignacio Asis and Ricardo Caceres

CDKN funding: £48,908

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