Colombia green bond market development


Colombia green bond market development

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Project detail:
Status: Completed

The purpose of this project was to support and prepare the Climate Finance Committee (CFC) of the National Climate Change System (Sisclima) to take a leadership role in the development of a green bonds market in Colombia and to prepare the ground for the issuance of demonstration green bonds in the country, and through this achieve the key first steps in implementing Colombia's national climate finance strategy.

The specific project objectives were to:

  1. Phase 1: Assess the current state of the Colombian bond market, environmental project pipeline and environmental standards for their suitability to support a green bond market
  2. Phase 2: Develop a road map to guide the development of a successful green bonds market
  3. Phase 3: Support early demonstration issuances (ideally of more unusual green bonds benefiting communities) through engagement of potential issuers and guidance on project/bond design

All phases:

  • Improve understanding and awareness by the Climate Finance Committee members about the role and applicability of green bonds in the country context.
  • Actively engage the key market players (potential issuers, investors and market authorities), in particular the private sector, in the development of the green bonds market.

Related resources:

Suppliers: Climate Bonds Initiative

Partners: Sean Kidney and Justine Leigh-Bell

CDKN funding: £16,280

Picture: Pedro Szekely