Project : Leadership and local governance for climate compatible development in Colombia


Project : Leadership and local governance for climate compatible development in Colombia

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Tags: capacity-building

Context: To achieve the transition to a climate compatible development model for strengthening regional competitiveness in the long term, it is essential to create lower and more carbon-resilient territories in the future. 2015 was an election year in which the new mayors and governors of the country were elected. During 2016, new leaders needed to create municipal development plans and revise their land use plans, which opened a window of opportunity to incorporate the theme of climate compatible development into planning instruments for development at the local level.

The vision: Climate change manifests itself in the territories. Encouraging climate compatible development processes at the local level requires decision-makers to adequately understand their territories. In this sense, incorporating climate change into development plans is important in creating more climate-resilient municipalities in the future; reducing emissions from the most strategic productive sectors while increasing their competitiveness in the future, and allowing populations to respond to the challenges posed by climate change in their areas.


To create and disseminate useful tools that encourage new local leaders to include climate change in their development plans.

Project approach

This project focused on decision-makers at the subnational level in order to guide them on incorporating climate change into their planning processes. For this reason, a series of complementary products were developed for them in varied formats, and translated into an easy-to-understand language in order to facilitate their adoption by decision-makers and their work teams.

Project funding: £ 59,975

Final products of the project 



Implementing organisations: Sustainable Week, Week Education, and Medianed