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PROJECT: Knowledge management for Madhya Pradesh State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC)

Project Reference: AAAS-0019

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has finalised its State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and is now preparing for its implementation. To support the relevant State Departments to put in place the action and strategies outlined in the document, a State Climate Change Knowledge Management Centre (SCCKMC) within the Environment Planning and Coordination Organisation has been established.

As an initial task, CDKN supported the SCCKMC in preparing knowledge products targeted to the relevant State Departments to guide officials on how to proceed with implementation.  These briefs are intended to summarise and package the essential information from the SAPCC in an easy-to-read and attractive format.

The entire SAPCC has been summarized in a Policy Brief which outlines the key actions contained in the plan, and the overall institutional and policy reforms required.

Sector specific Briefing Notes have published for 9 sectors: Forestry; Water resources; Agriculture and allied servicesHuman HealthUrban development and transportEnergyRenewable energy; Industry; and Rural development. Certain cross-cutting issues such as gender, and technology development, have also been contained within a separate briefing note.

A further Science Brief provides an overview of the climate science in Madhya Pradesh, in terms of the current and projected vulnerability of the state from the changing climate. This is based on a findings from a comprehensive vulnerability assessment carried out in the state.

As part of a process of engaging local stakeholders to contribute to and guide implementation of the SAPCC, a Compendium of Articles authored by local experts has also been published. For example, Ms Priti Dev Sen, DFID, has written about the projected impacts of climate change on public health and the required adaptation actions.  Dr Sanjay Tomar, ICRAF and Dr Divya Sharma, TERI, discuss in their article the particular impacts of climate change on cities in Madhya Pradesh.

These documents are now being routinely utilized by EPCO when engaging with the departments and stakeholders to help raise awareness and understanding on the importance of implementation of the SAPCC.

Budget: GBP 70,000

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