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PROJECT: Knowledge generated from research in the Caribbean


Project Reference: KNLA-0008

The objective of this project was to develop strategic knowledge and communication materials and reflect the results of a number of different CDKN-supported research programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean. These materials are intended for decision-makers and professionals in the region and have helped to:

  • Articulate the results of research that CDKN has supported in the region.
  • Generate awareness among Caribbean decision-makers and development practitioners on CDKN-generated knowledge that can help them make informed decisions.
  • Catalyse new forms of dialogue and action in professional communities regarding climate compatible development.
  • Provide materials for fundraising and capacity building in climate compatible development inside and outside CDKN.

Partner: Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

Service provider: Acclimatise Group Ltd

Project funding:  £46,728

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Project Highlights

FEATURE: Climate data for the Caribbean

The CDKN-funded CARibbean Weather Impacts Group (CARIWIG) gives access to climate data that has been downscaled, making it relevant for use in the Caribbean region. The knowledge products below show how this data can be used to support climate resilient decision making in the region.