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PROJECT: Knowledge brokers collaboration: integrating global climate information and regional adaptation portals

Project Reference: KMGL-0040C

In recent years, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI Oxford), the Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town, and the AfricaADAPT partners (ENDA, FARA, ICPAC) have been working on the development of three complementary web-based portals that can support decision-making for climate change adaptation (and mitigation) and development practice. Used together, the portals have provided access to a knowledge base, tools and methods for analysing climate data, interpreting climate information (through the Climate Information Portal (CIP), assessing vulnerability, and planning adaptation (weADAPT) and community based development support (AfricaADAPT).

The project used a ‘user-lab’ approach; a set of face-to-face engagements between those who develop and manage the portals, those who provide the content for the portals, and those who use them.  The project applied the weADAPT knowledge base, tools and methods for vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning, together with the climate data and climate analysis guidance that forms part of the Climate Information Portal to selected projects and case studies supported by and showcased in AfricaADAPT

This has helped the users of the portals improve their skills on effective planning and implementation of climate adaptation projects, with special skills on vulnerability assessment and usage of climate science information, in a more coherent way. The improvements to weADAPT and the Climate Information Portal, based on user needs, have helped guide the development and refinement of the portals to address current gaps in the fields of climate information analysis, vulnerability assessment, and adaptation screening and planning.

Lead: Sukaina Bharwani (Stockholm Environment Institute – Oxford Office, Oxford, UK)

CDKN funding: £101,000

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