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PROJECT: Knowledge brokers collaboration – Automated tagging tool to make finding climate compatible information easier

Project Reference: KMGL-0040A

In a growing online world, it is critical to make large databases more ‘searchable’. Tagging the information in individual documents is an excellent way to make them more accessible. However, the actual process of tagging documents is both time-consuming and inconsistent when done manually. On top of this, there is often no consistent set of tags to cover a given field such as clean energy and climate compatible development.

This project has drastically improve the efficiency of tagging and categorizing clean energy documents by developing an ‘application programming interface’ (API) based on Reegle’s existing renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate compatible development thesaurus. This interface has allowed other portals, websites and individuals to submit documents and receive appropriate tags automatically.

In addition to recognizing individual words, the API can ‘understand’ the relationships between different concepts. More meaningful tags can thus be extracted from papers, articles and blogs at the click of a button.

Lead: Florian Bauer (REEEP/reegle, Vienna, Austria)

CDKN funding: £219,000

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