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PROJECT: Knowledge brokers collaboration – addressing the climate change knowledge gap through user-group analysis

Project Reference: KMGL-0040B

The landscape of knowledge brokering platforms, networks and services for climate change has expanded rapidly, both in the number of initiatives and the range of services offered. However, evidence gathered by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) suggests that many of these initiatives and services are supply-driven and initiated without an adequate understanding of the information needs, priorities, and preferences of the users they are designed to support.

This can result in services that are not fit for purpose, have gaps in information and knowledge provision, and are unnecessary duplication of efforts.

IISD and IDS, with partner knowledge networks, have addressed this climate change knowledge gap by undertaking an in-depth analysis of how different user groups of climate knowledge broker services assess, access, and apply knowledge from these services. This analysis has produced:

– An in-depth profiling of user needs, preferences and practices, disaggregated by region, user type, community of practice, etc.

– Case studies of three knowledge brokering services for more in-depth analysis of the successful links and gaps between information/knowledge provision and use

– A final report analysing whether the current range of knowledge brokering services are fit for purpose, and where key gaps exist

– A set of “critical success factors” to be shared with the broader knowledge brokering community, planned and emerging initiatives, and funding bodies to inform their development strategies and improve the targeting and delivery of knowledge brokering services.

Lead: Anne Hammill (International Institute for Sustainable Development)

CDKN funding: £65,000

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