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PROJECT: Journalism research on climate change and development in Latin America


Project Reference: KMLA-0010

About the project

This initiative arose from the need to incorporate issues related to climate compatible development in the Caribbean, in order to raise awareness and publicise not only the threats but also the opportunities that climate change may bring. To this end the capabilities of investigative journalists in the region – who are the key link in coverage and production of information related to climate and development – were strengthened.

CDKN identified Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS), a well-known organisation in Latin America and the Caribbean, to lead the project and contribute with its expertise in working with journalists as well as with its information networks. The project consisted of four activities:

  1. Regional workshops on raising awareness and training journalists from major media in the region.

The first workshop was held in Madre de Dios (Peru) and the second in Bogotá (Colombia), both with the participation of leading figures in the environmental and journalistic field. Each workshop lasted approximately five days, the last of which involved field visits to places with clearly identified environmental problems.

  1. Regional virtual workshops

These were aimed at developing methodological aspects of real journalistic cases identified by their authors. These workshops were supported by the Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon, an initiative funded by USAID.

  1. Fund journalistic research on environmental and development issues.

The fund consisted of a total of US $ 25,000 to cover the investigation of the five best proposals submitted by journalists from across the region. To that end an open call for proposals was made, after which the evaluation committee selected the best for funding. These papers were published in major media throughout the region.

  1. Participation in the Latin American Conference on Investigative Journalism (COLPIN).

The best-published works were able to participate in the COLPIN 2013, an event that brought together leading journalists from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean has become one of the most important of its kind in the region.

Thus, by strengthening the capabilities of investigative journalists and publishing their work in major regional media outlets, the issues of climate compatible development were placed in the regional media agenda; an additional channel for reaching decision-makers.

Project funding:  £ 61,272

Implementing organisation: Institute for Press and Society (IPYS)

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