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PROJECT: Incorporating climate change in the political agenda of the presidential candidates in Peru


Project Reference: TALA-0040a

The project’s aims were to increase awareness and improve the understanding of teams working with Peruvian presidential candidates on climate change issues and climate compatible development. From this, candidates were expected to consider these issues in their government plans and maintain climate compatible development as a public agenda item through a specific communication strategy.


  • In April 2016 the presidential elections were held in Peru, which found the population in the midst of much uncertainty and expectations in terms of economic growth.
  • Natural resources and sustainability issues relating to climate change were no longer a priority in the political debate.
  • In the above context, necessary leaders committed to the issue of climate change and to foster the development of long-term policies.
  • The speech and agenda of the candidates were related to the demand that they felt on the part of the electorate.

The products from this project are:

Project funding:  £ 24,248

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