PROJECT: Enhancing access to climate finance in Ethiopia

PROJECT: Enhancing access to climate finance in Ethiopia

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Africa, Ethiopia
Tags: finance, Green Climate Fund

CDKN has been providing close support to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) of Ethiopia and the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Facility on climate finance readiness since 2012. This engagement has enabled the MoFEC to be accredited by both the GCF and the AF, which will be an important opportunity for Ethiopia to use its national institutions to potentially mobilise close to $60 million to implement its CRGE strategy and contribute to its commitments under the Paris climate agreement - its Nationally Determined Contribution.

CDKN continued its support to the CRGE Facility as it developed 'bankable' project proposals for external funding. Technical assistance and capacity development support from CDKN to the CRGE Facility has enhanced its capability and fiduciary standards and is in a better position to implement projects that comply with the climate financiers requirements. As part of this, CDKN supported MOFEC  to meet the financial management, programme management and environmental/social safeguards performance requirements of both the Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund.

CDKN provided technical assistance in:

  • Comprehensive Basic and Specialised Fiduciary assessment and reporting;
  • Developing a financial management manual of the CRGE Facility;
  • Strengthening gender and environmental and social safeguard considerations in the appraisal, monitoring and evaluation manual;
  • Refining the CRGE Operational manual;
  • Building capacity to meet with the reporting requirements of the GCF; and
  • Awareness creation at all levels on Climate Finance and its relevance to the CRGE.

Key experts involved in this project included:

  • Financial Management Expert;
  • Project Management Expert;
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards Expert; and
  • Gender Expert

Budget: GBP 70,450

Timeline: April 2016-February 2017

Supplier: ASGB Plc