Project : Delivering Ethiopia’s Sectoral Reduction Mechanism programme

Project : Delivering Ethiopia’s Sectoral Reduction Mechanism programme

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Countries: Africa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been in the vanguard of the African response to climate change, with its Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy underpinning Ethiopia’s economic ambition to become a carbon-neutral, middle-income country by 2025. Since the development of the CRGE Strategy in 2011, Ethiopia’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made further progress in translating the goals of the strategy into actionable plans in the form of the Sectoral Reduction Mechanism (SRM). The primary objective of this project was to build capacity within the EPA to deliver its SRM programme. Focus areas of CDKN support are knowledge management, climate finance, and monitoring, reporting and valuation (MRV).

More specifically, this project has:

  • Enhanced capacity across various government ministries to develop systems to attract, leverage and distribute climate finance. This will include the identification of funding sources and leveraging of finance for CRGE.
  • Supported the EPA to establish MRV systems to track implementation of CRGE initiatives in line with UNFCCC requirements.
  • Supported the EPA in raising public awareness on the SRM process through publications and a web-based knowledge-sharing platform.

The SRM responds to the need for new and additional finance that Ethiopia requires in order to realise its CRGE targets. It sets out to avoid a fragmented, project‐focused approach in implementing the CRGE by developing a programmatic, longer‐term approach for implementation.

Funding: £500 000

Timeframe: 2 years, Feb 2012 – Dec 2013