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PROJECT: Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the Mekong Region

The potential climate change impacts on low-lying delta areas in the Mekong Region are numerous and severe. Floods, drought, storms and threats to water supplies represent a significant set of risk management challenges. This 16-month research project identified effective ways to improve and share understanding of water-related climate change risks and uncertainties in selected delta communities in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. The study convened multi-stakeholder working groups to develop communication models, which were then tested in the three locations. The findings of the study have contributed directly to the climate action and disaster risk management plans of local governments.

Partners involved:
Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI), Vietnam
National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies, Vietnam
An Giang University, Vietnam
Department of Environmental Science, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia
International Maritime College, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Department of Agricultural Development and Environmental Management, King Mongkut Lad Krabang Institute, Thailand

Photo credit: Oliver Laumann.

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