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PROJECT: Communicating climate change and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean


About the project

The purpose of this initiative was to provide Latin American and Caribbean decision-makers reliable and relevant information on key aspects of climate compatible development and disaster risk management. To this end, it was essential to strengthen communication on climate change and sustainable development in the region – especially those who disseminate it – which involved working together with journalists and the media as well as developing a series of communication tools and products that take advantage of new technologies for the effective exchange of information and knowledge.

The project consisted of four components:

  1. Promoting journalism of environmental issues and climate compatible development in Peru and Latin America by strengthening the virtual news agency ‘Environmental News’ and launching a journalistic fund.

The project aimed to strengthen local information sources (initially from Loreto and Madre de Dios in Peru), which encouraged the development of news stories from these spaces that were then posted on the websites Environmental News and Cambia.Pe, as well as being replicated on similar websites.

On the other hand, a ‘Journalistic Fund on Climate Compatible Development’ was created, which aimed to encourage the participation of journalists from across the region by covering relevant environmental issues for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the goal of having their work published in several Latin American media outlets.

  1. Development of environmental journalism through online television

The main product of this component was an online, weekly, half-hour debate, interview and news programme, which covered socio-environmental issues under a climate compatible development approach. For this, experts in certain matters and authorities from Peru and from countries throughout the region were invited. Notes and reports were further developed to disseminate the special reports made via Environmental News.

  1. Raising awareness and environmental education through a series of animated videos

With a fun language, a series of animated educational videos linked to the main environmental problems of Latin America and the Caribbean was developed, generating discussion on climate change, environmental justice, risk management, climate compatible development, and climate finance. The content of these videos greatly feeds the data of the projects that CDKN currently has in the region.

In addition to its dissemination through Youtube, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Environmental News, Cambia.Pe and podcast channels, alliances were made with the private sector, media, education sector and civil society in order to disseminate this material. 

  1. Dissemination strategy of regional initiatives and consolidation website Cambia.Pe

Through this component, various projects that CDKN had developed in Latin America and the Caribbean were disseminated, as well as other related initiatives being developed in the region at the time, in order to promote the exchange of information and knowledge related to climate compatible development, disaster risk management and climate finance.

Additionally, the website Cambia.Pe was strengthened and consolidated as an online multimedia platform of varied content related to climate change in the region, aimed at a wider audience interested in this issue and not only experts. Strategic alliances were sought with regional think tanks and other organisations that generated greater awareness on the issue. In this way, the project complemented the scope of the previous components and strengthened the arrival – by an additional route – of the decision-makers.

Implementing organisation: Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA)

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