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PROJECT: Climate change, health, agriculture and disaster analysis

Project Reference: TAAF-0029b

Mozambique has increasingly been victim to extreme weather events including droughts, floods and tropical cyclones. In addition, the more than 60% of the country’s population of 22 million people live in coastal areas are exposed to sea-level rise and climate extremes.

A CDKN project in 2011 focused on climate change, health and disasters in Mozambique within the overall context of climate compatible development and the specific national priorities of poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The objective was to develop a preliminary, Mozambique context specific assessment (based on case studies) which researched, derived and recommended the basis for determining climate change responses. These will build resilience to climate change in that they will be likely to result in outcomes that will improve human health under the projected climate changes, including reductions in disaster impacts on human health. A further objective was skills transfer and capacity building within Mozambican institutions.

A second phase of the project was extended to include additional deliverables to integrate work in the Ministry of Health’s resource plan. The ministry prepared a 5-year resourcing plan and desired to mainstream climate change concerns in this plan. The research commissioned by CDKN mentioned above, together with scoping work done by the World Bank, provided an excellent basis for achieving this integration.

This project sought to produce a Plan of Action approved by the Ministry of Health and the convening of a consultation workshop bringing together representatives from Provincial and (high vulnerability) Districts.

This project facilitated and developed a prioritised and costed policy research agenda and a Plan of Action in Portuguese which was approved by the Ministry of Health, including:

  • Summary case for investment to address interactions of climate change and health in Mozambique
  • Prioritised actions, budget and timelines
  • Identification of climate change leads at central, provincial and district levels
  • Identification of key partners, coordination mechanisms and responsibilities
  • Milestones, indicators and targets to monitor progress
  • Potential sources of resources to implement the Plan of Action.

Time frame: 01/02/2013 – 28/11/2014

Cost: £131,946.00

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