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PROJECT: Supporting climate resilient construction in vulnerable areas in the Punjab

Project Reference: TAAS-0009

Monsoon flooding in 2010 and 2011 caused widespread damage across Pakistan. The Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has recognised that there is now an annual risk of flooding, and they should be building homes that can withstand the impact of heavy rainfall.

In 2012, the PDMA requested CDKN’s assistance with climate compatible construction guidelines to use in the design and development of model villages. With technical support from CDKN, these guidelines were tested at a village in Mianwali, a highly vulnerable area of Pakistan, and also circulated across provincial departments and sectors for consideration. The guidelines provide instruction on using building material and design practices that make houses energy efficient as well as able to withstand floods and earthquakes. The discussion with multi-sectoral agencies sparked interest in initiating construction codes and bye-laws for rural areas in the future.

In an important partnership between the Government, private sector, and the development community, these new homes are demonstrating the ‘triple wins’ of reducing GHG emissions, building resilience and promoting development.

Download the final Climate Compatible Construction Guidelines for more details.

CDKN funding: £110,000


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