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Suzanne Carter

Suzanne is a senior project manager for CDKN’s Ethiopia portfolio of projects and oversees the Uganda country programme. She is also a science adviser to the Future Climate For Africa programme. Previously she worked for the British High Commission in South Africa where she led on their bilateral engagement with South Africa on climate change and energy. Prior to that she freelanced for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin covering mostly UNFCCC climate negotiations. Suzanne holds a PhD in climatology from the University of Cape Town.

Suzanne Carter's content

OPINION: The IPCC’s 1.5°C Report: increasing risk of heatwaves in African cities

Suzanne Carter, CDKN Country Engagement Coordinator, highlights why we need to start seriously considering the risk of extreme heat in African cities, following the release of the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5°C. [more]…

FEATURE: Uganda Action Lab - developing climate smart value chains in the dairy and livestock sectors

What would climate smart dairy and livestock value chains look like in Uganda? A recent action lab looked at ideas to enhance climate change outcomes for the east African country. [more]…

FEATURE: Action lab tackles Uganda's climate and migration challenges

CDKN and the Netherlands Embassy co-hosted an Action Lab in Kampala that brought together development practitioners from government, donors, research organisations and implementation partners to identify research questions and other actions that could help Uganda tackle climate change. Suzanne Carter and Juliane Nier of CDKN share the key messages on climate-related migration. [more]…

NEWS: African governments will use track record of public climate funds access to attract private finance

Experts who gathered to discuss climate finance in Addis Ababa last month found that many of the standards and procedures developed to channel public funds to African countries may provide the foundation for new forms of private finance to flow for climate resilience. CDKN Africa's Senior Programme Manager Suzanne Carter reports. [more]…

PROJECT: New science to help Asian, African societies prepare for extreme weather

A new initiative will use state-of-the-art science to help Asian and African societies to understand the role of climate change in extreme weather events and prepare for future ones. [more]…

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