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WEBINAR: Mini-grids for rural electrification and development

On 19 September, the Africa Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Partnership and Energy Working Group invite you to a webinar to discuss ‘Mini-grids for rural electrification and development: Enabling effective business models through well-designed policies’. Register today for this free, open event.

Date: 19 September 2018
Time: 13:00 West Africa Time; 14:00 Central/South Africa Time; 15:00 East Africa Time
Duration: 90 minutes

Register for this webinar today.

In this webinar, senior experts will provide an overview of the diverse mini-grids policy, regulatory and legislative environments in Central, Eastern, and Western Africa.

Project developers will share their experiences working in diverse markets, which have created a wide range of business models. We will discuss innovative business models for the development, financing, ownership, and management of mini-grids, and how governmental actions can address barriers for business in such areas as licensing, tariff setting, connection costs and the provision of compensation for mini-grid businesses that are compromised by the arrival of the main grid.

Alexander Ochs (SD Stategies)
Josh Ogada (SouthSouthNorth)

Aaron Leopold (Africa Mini-Grids Developers Association)
Caroline Nijland (Helios Infinitas)
Mukabanji Mutanuka (Engie Power Corner)
Nico Peterschmidt (INENSUS)
Vivian Vinderinho (RVE.SOL/Kudura)

Please share this invitation widely in your networks.

Register for the webinar today.

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2 responses to “WEBINAR: Mini-grids for rural electrification and development”

  1. Carmen Langner says:

    I would like to register for the webinar. Being interested in viable business models.

    • CDKN Global says:

      Dear Carmen, I hope you managed to register on the linked page and enjoy the webinar! If you or any other readers missed the webinar, please be advised that a full package of webinar resources, including a recording and related presentations will be uploaded to next week. best wishes from the CDKN team.

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