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FILM: “I’m a climate knowledge broker” – Insights from Maggie Kamau, CDKN Kenya

Climate change is often viewed as a complex and scientific topic and, as a result, it has been difficult for climate experts to engage with policy-makers and other stakeholders to drive forward climate action, says CDKN’s senior advisor Maggie Kamau in Kenya. But the situation is slowly changing, thanks to the work of CDKN and others.

We are ‘climate knowledge brokers’, says Ms Kamau: people who seek to filter, synthesise and tailor climate knowledge in ways that can be relevant and usable in local contexts (see the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto to read some top tips).

In Kenya, Ms Kamau says that climate change-related information is relatively easy to come by online in some issue areas, such as energy and agriculture, but more difficult to access in new and emerging areas, such as policy, policymaking and legislation. In order to influence climate policy and its implementation, individuals and groups may need to rely on their personal networks as well as publicly available information.

To view more videos in the “I am a climate knowledge broker” series – and to help you navigate the ocean of climate information out there – follow the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group YouTube channel.

Picture: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, via Flickr 

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