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INTERVIEW: Applying for accreditation – lessons from Jamaica

In this video interview, Claire Bernard, Director of the Sustainable Development and Regional Planning Division at the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) highlights the lessons learnt from the Adaptation Fund’s accreditation process. Claire explains that the Adaptation Fund was among the first climate finance mechanisms to which PIOJ was able to apply and access their resources. In going through the rigours of the accreditation process, they were able to show a high level of competency to other agencies as potential future partners.

Although, PIOJ is a well-established institute, it was still presented with many critical questions in applying for accreditation, and the Adaptation Fund worked with them to make sure that they were adhering to the right requirements. The Fund’s Secretariat visited them during the process and spoke with their partner agencies who were able to reinforce the competency of PIOJ. The process underlined the importance of documentation and of getting external validation to ensure the process was being carried out correctly.

For a full written interview with Claire on how Jamaica has prepared to receive and manage international climate finance, please see here.

Image credit Ricardo Mangual

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