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FEATURE: CFAS Recommended reading guide, an Introduction

Sven Harmeling of Germanwatch introduces the Climate Finance Advisory Service’s ‘Recommended reading guide’ to topical issues in climate finance, and invites readers to contribute their ideas.

The climate finance universe is complex and multidimensional. Therefore, it is crucial to provide direct access to substantive technical information which decision-makers and climate finance experts can then harness and use to shape their views and proposals. This first newsletter of the new Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) aims to facilitate access to a wide range of ideas and studies regarding climate finance. It comes at a time, shortly after the launch of the CFAS, when numerous climate finance experts from governments, civil society, academia and private sector will gather in Germany for two important events: the 3rd meeting of the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance (8 to 10 March in Bonn) and the 3rd meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board (12 to 15 March, Berlin). Discussions will range from the “business model” of the GCF, appropriate access modalities and readiness support, to considerations for the overall review of the financial mechanism and the organisation of an exchange forum under the Standing Committee.

Both bodies are expected to play a key role in shaping the climate finance architecture of the future. Through contributing to an enhanced and more effective architecture, they will hopefully help to scale-up and accelerate global action for a paradigm shift towards low-carbon and climate-resilient economies. This is urgently needed, and, despite seemingly different views in relevant areas, policymakers from across the world, from rich and poor countries, from highly vulnerable to highly energy-intense economies, will have to work together to make climate action a success – for staying below 2°C, achieving the ultimate objective of the Convention, and for the livelihoods of many people – already alive or yet to be born – around the world. The meetings in March will hopefully be a step forward in this regard.

About the ‘recommended reading guide’ from CFAS

The CFAS offers negotiators, policy makers and advisors in the poorest and most climate vulnerable countries bespoke information and guidance to help them participate effectively in complex global climate finance negotiations, in particular the Green Climate Fund and the Standing Committee on Finance. It is implemented by a consortium of climate finance experts from developed and developing countries, led by Germanwatch, and financially supported by CDKN. The service is provided free of charge and is designed as a demand-driven initiative.

Four to six times a year, we will compile information on publications relevant to key discussions in the climate finance debate. This will provide decision makers with easy and direct access to knowledge and analysis generated by experts from around the world. For each of these selected readings, we provide a brief summary and our commentary on why it’s particularly relevant to current issues in climate finance. Our guide is not an endorsement of the authors’ views, nor is it based on in-depth review, but we hope you’ll find it useful.

To tell us about publications for inclusion in future editions of our guide,  or to make other comments and suggestions, please contact us at:

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