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EVENTS: 2013 Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

The 2013 Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum will be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, on 18-20 March 2013.

This is a great opportunity for those wishing to showcase their work and achievements on climate change adaptation in the region.

This edition’s main theme is “Mainstreaming Adaptation in Development: Strategies and Actions in a Changing Climate” with a focus on key strategic issues. The 3rd Adaptation Forum will assist decision-makers at all levels of government, in business and communities be more strategic and effective in addressing the challenges of development in a changing climate.

The forum aims at gathering adaptation practitioners at regional, national, and sub-national level. These could include government representatives from various line ministries, researchers, practitioners, NGOs, international organizations, regional intergovernmental bodies, media and the private sector.

The forum will provide excellent opportunities for a range of actors working in different sectors and systems to share their knowledge about successes, and failures, to effectively adapt to climate. The mixture of plenary and panel discussions as well as diverse side-events will provide participants with an outstanding opportunity to interact and learn about the latest ideas and practices in mainstreaming adaptation.

A marketplace will provide the opportunity to showcase dynamic and diverse range of organizations, products, services, information and knowledge on Climate Change Adaptation.

There are many ways to participate in the forum: as a speaker, as a booth holder in the marketplace, as an attentive and questioning member of the audience, and by sharing your views in a briefing note. Registration is free of charge, for further information please contact or visit:



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