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EVENT: CoP17 side event – water security and climate resilience in Africa

Highlights of the official side event at CoP17 on increasing finance and investments for water security and climate resilience in Africa. 5 December 2011, Durban.

In this side event, organised by the Global Water Partnership and International Hydropower Organisation, speakers explored how erratic rainfall patterns and droughts will affect the security of water and energy supply, particularly in Africa. CDKN is working with the African Ministers’ Council on Water and the Global Water Partnership on a Strategic Framework for Water Security and Climate Resilient Development to help senior professionals and decision-makers in Africa to identify and develop “no or low regret” investment strategies, integrate these into planning processes, and influence future development activities so they become more resilient to climate change and variability.

Speakers at the side event included:

Alex Simalabwi, Senior Network Officer and Climate Change Focal Point, Global Water Partnership



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