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WORKING PAPER: Innovative risk finance solutions – Insights for geothermal power development in Kenya and Ethiopia

Developing geothermal power involves some up-front risks in scoping and designing projects. Insurance and other financial instruments can help industries manage the risk and improve private sector involvement. CDKN supported an initiative to improve the capacity of Kenya’s and Ethiopia’s industries to support the expansion of geothermal power. [more...]

PROJECT: Geothermal development drilling risk finance innovation in Kenya and Ethiopia

Project Reference: AAGL-0047a

Geothermal developers, particularly in the early stages of developing a field, face high costs for field development coupled with high risks associated with resource exploration and development / appraisal drilling. The cost of early phase development in the Kenya and Ethiopia typically ranges from around 50 to 100 million USD for a medium size development (130 MW). [more...]

OUTLOOK: Kenya Special Edition

This Outlook Newsletter – Kenya Special Edition, showcases the work being done in Kenya to strengthen the country’s climate resilience and the response to the extreme climate events. [more...]