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OPINION: After Paris – A shift in Colombia’s climate change conversation  

Colombia is possibly one of the most vocal, expert and committed governments internationally, in the fight against climate change. Has anything changed after the Paris Agreement last year? What does the future look like? Claudia Martinez, CDKN's senior strategic advisor for Colombia, talks with Miren Gutierrez about the outcome of the Paris Agreement in her country. [more...]

PROJECT: Achieving green growth in developing countries: the political economy of energy security

Project Reference: RSGL-1101

In this project, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingandael), the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, Oxford Policy Management and ClimateCare are exploring how political economy constraints and enablers resulting from institutional, business and political structures influence the ambition and implementation of national green growth plans [more...]

FEATURE: Powering Southern Africa – the future of hydro in the Zambezi River Basin

CDKN is supporting a study on the impact of climate change and upstream irrigation development on hydropower in the Zambezi River Basin. Most of the northern SADC countries already rely primarily on hydropower, and this will increase in the future. However, many of these countries are also periodically under water stress during drought, while the water demand continues to grow, largely due to major irrigation investments. [more...]