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NEWS: Launch of the Global Green Bond Partnership

Last week, the Global Green Bond Partnership (GGBP) launched at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco, USA. This new partnership will support efforts of subnational entities such as cities, states, and regions, corporations, private companies and financial institutions to accelerate the issuance of green bonds. [more...]

PROJECT: Building resilience in Rwanda through business collaboration

Project Reference: RSGL-1301

Out of the estimated 123,000 businesses in Rwanda around 98% are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and around 84% of them are informal. Climate-related hazards impact many of these businesses in rural and urban areas, for example when landslides hot, transport routes are blocked off or when flooding occurs, production processes are disrupted. Support structures for enhancing the resilience of these small and medium sized businesses, are often not within their capacities. [more...]

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