Global Environmental Change Research and Learning Forum (14-16 November 2012) Accra, Ghana

Global Environmental Change Research and Learning Forum (14-16 November 2012) Accra, Ghana

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Story detail:
Date: 9th November 2012
Author: CDKN Africa
Type: News
Organisation: START
Countries: Africa, Ghana
Tags: capacity-building, ecosystem services, food security

The System for Analysis, Research and Training (START) Africa long-term research call will be convening  a Research and Learning Forum on global environmental change (GEC) research in Accra, Ghana, from 14-16 November 2012.  In 2011-2012, START commissioned and managed research awards on the theme of climate change, agriculture and food security in Africa with an emphasis on the sustainability of ecosystem services. CDKN supported START in this research call and 16 projects were selected.

The research call aimed to build individual and institutional capacity for interdisciplinary research, contribute to enhanced knowledge of global change science, impacts and consequences in Africa, create long-term, international collaborative research partnerships among African scientists and scientists in developed countries, and provide outreach to scientists, policy makers and the general public.

The selected projects addressed both natural science and social sciences, and produced high quality, independent, policy relevant and credible research to support policy making for sustainable development in Africa. The Forum will bring all the project teams together with relevant regional and international experts and representatives of organisation that promote policy and outreach.

The objectives of the Forum are:

  • for GEC research grant principal investigators and others to share, interpret and synthesise research findings
  • to identify research priorities to guide future sub-award calls
  • to devise strategies for enhancing communication between science, policy and practice

It is anticipated the Forum will expand the collaborative network among African scientists engaged in GEC research; develop strategies for knowledge sharing between GEC scientists, policy makers and other key stakeholders, and identify innovative communication tools and methods for reaching them.

A summary of the Forum discussions and a synthesis of priority recommendations will be produced for both scientific and policy audiences. The emphasis of the Forum on communication actions will not only help to strengthen knowledge exchange within these regions but also ensure that knowledge advances from this programme contribute to current and upcoming international assessment.

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For more information please contact Shehnaaz Moosa (

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