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OUTLOOK: Uganda Special Edition

Uganda is a low-income country whose economy has recently enjoyed a growth spurt. Uganda’s leaders have set their sights on achieving upper middle income status in a generation’s time.

However, climate change could have a deep influence on Uganda’s development progress. Highly dependent on the climate-sensitive sectors of agriculture, tourism, water and energy, Uganda has suffered more frequent droughts, floods and other extreme climate events in recent decades. The economy and population are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. CDKN has been working with the Government of Uganda to:

  • Assess the economic impacts of climate change on the country’s most important sectors
  • Prepare and implement Uganda’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
  • Ensure the provision of safe water for rural populations
  • Support decision-making, implementation and the social and economic impacts of climate risk-induced resettlement in urban areas
  • Support energy solutions for clean cooking

In the new publication ‘Climate and Development Outlook: Uganda Special Edition’, CDKN’s Senior Strategic Advisor for Uganda, Revocatus Twinomuhangi describes the everyday reality of climate change for Ugandans, and the critical policy choices which face the country today.

This edition of Outlook also includes an interview with Mr. Chebet Maikut, Commissioner of Uganda’s Climate Change Department.


Image: pineapple farmers, courtesy CIAT.

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