Providing technical advisory support towards the implementation of Rwanda’s Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

Providing technical advisory support towards the implementation of Rwanda’s Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Country: Rwanda

The Government of Rwanda is one of the few national governments across the world to have developed a national climate change and environment fund, built on the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy. The purpose of the fund is to ensure sustainable financing is accessible to support environmental sustainability, resilience to climate change and green growth. This project seeks to put in place technical support to the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) to support in the implementation of the Strategy. This technical support will be provided through a drawdown pool of technical expertise in specific thematic areas identified by REMA.

The Strategy represents a key step in Rwanda’s pathway to achieving sustainable economic growth based on building climate resilience linked with deliberate low carbon production and lifestyle patterns. The purpose of the Strategy has been to guide national policy and planning in an integrated way, mainstream climate change into all sectors of the economy, and to position Rwanda to access international funding to achieve climate resilience and low carbon development.

This work forms part of CDKN’s support to the Government of Rwanda which has sought to address the following various challenges including:

  • A fragmented knowledge base on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, low carbon and adaptation options in Rwanda;
  • Low investment in green growth and climate resilience initiatives and an uncoordinated approach to attracting, programming, disbursing and managing climate finance;
  • Limited capacity particularly at the provincial and district levels to effectively mainstream climate change

Learn more about Rwanda's Strategy here.

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Contribute to the ability of the Government to take a leadership role around key issues such as climate compatible human settlements and infrastructure;
  • Increase and supplement the technical expertise available to the GoR in its efforts to implement the Strategy.

The project has helped strengthened REMA's role as driver and coordinator of the strategy as well as improved knowledge and technical understanding of key issues related to the implementation of the GGCRS.

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