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PROJECT: Supporting the Government of Bangladesh in sharing information on its INDC

Project Reference: TAAS-61

INDCs are the primary means for governments to communicate internationally the steps they will take to address climate change in their own countries post Paris Agreement. INDCs reflect each country’s ambition for reducing emissions, taking into account its domestic circumstances and capabilities. Few countries like Bangladesh have also addressed how they’ll adapt to climate change impacts, and what further support they need to adopt low-carbon pathways and to build climate resilience.

The process adopted by Government of Bangladesh to develop the INDC (with CDKN support) was useful in gathering representatives from line ministries to contribute to the discussions and to the commitment Bangladesh put forth to UNFCCC in September 2015. It brought key decision makers together in the form of a technical and advisory committee, ensuring the commitments reflected collective ambition.

CDKN supported this project to ensure the INDC technical group remains engaged post-Paris and to update the stakeholders on what the INDC contains and actually means for them.


The project aimed to:

  • Improve understanding and knowledge amongst policy makers in Bangladesh on government’s commitments on climate action as presented in the INDC and the way forward to implement the INDC
  • Make the international audience aware of commitments shown by a vulnerable Least Developed Country like Bangladesh through their INDCs
  • Further enhance understanding of policymakers on the INDC and Paris Agreement 2015 as part of an approach to supporting the Government with implementation of INDCs


  • The INDC and it’s many climate commitments were translated into an easy to understand infographic which was presented through a workshop to policy makers and civil society organisations in Bangladesh. Click here to download the infographic.
  • A side event was organised at COP21 where Bangladesh’s INDC was showcased by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  • A workshop was organised post COP21 to share critical decisions from climate negotiations at COP 21 with policy makers.

Project Funding: £18,485


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