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PROJECT: Support for LDC Group in the UNFCCC climate change process

Project Reference: ADGL-0010

The Least Developed Country (LDC) Group consists of the 49 poorest nations of the world. The group faces a number of constraints, including very small delegations, lack of resources and sufficient technical knowledge, while the volume and specificity of work under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chance (UNFCCC) is increasing rapidly.

This project aimed to provide ongoing support to the then Chair (Mr. Prakash Mathema) and the LDC Group, to build capacity within the group, as well as assist with the co-ordination, planning and facilitation of the group’s strategic meetings and participation in the UNFCCC negotiation process.

Key activities included:

  • On demand and real time legal, technical and strategic advice to the Chair, on site, in the delegation and between UNFCCC sessions
  • Advice to the responsible ministers on various subject areas as and when requested
  • Advice and support to the group coordinators and the core team members as and when requested
  • Administrative support on site, in the delegation and between sessions
  • LDC Group strategy meetings for the coordinators, core team members and advisors during and in between UNFCCC sessions
  • Advice and support to the LDC Group communication and outreach strategy
  • Support in the preparation of submissions by the LDC Group
  • Preparation of briefings, synthesis documents and analysis to prepare LDC delegates for the negotiations

The expected outcomes include:

  • Increased understanding of key legal and technical issues
  • Increased capacity to contribute to global climate change negotiations
  • Better coordination of the LDC Group
  • Stronger representation of LDC views in the UNFCCC process
  • LDC access to the right information at the right time
  • High level of understanding and knowledge of negotiating sessions by the LDC Group
  • Increased representation of the LDC Group at the UNFCCC and other negotiations, and;
  • Increased representation of the LDC Group at high-level political meetings.

CDKN funding: £440,000 per year

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