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PROJECT: Strengthening climate change knowledge architecture in Nepal

Due to its fragile mountain ecosystems and low economic and institutional capacity for climate change adaption, Nepal is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to changing weather patterns. There is an urgent need to generate knowledge and design management techniques, technological innovations, and establish institutional arrangements, In order to strengthen the country’s capacity to adapt.

This project was designed to strengthen the ability of the Nepal Change Knowledge Management Centre (NCCKMC) to perform knowledge services functions and reach policy-makers, students and researchers, as well as community-based organisations and NGOs that are at the frontline of delivering adaptation projects. The Centre served as a platform for coordinating and facilitating the regular generation, management, exchange, and dissemination of climate-related knowledge and capacity-building services to the climate change community of practice in Nepal.

CDKN brought on board an external consultant to drive the external monitoring and evaluation of this project. His role ensured the following:

  1. Learning from the project was captured and used throughout the implementation
  2. The climate change researchers who received grants through CDKN were provided with support and mentoring around learning and knowledge sharing.

CDKN funding: £90,000

Photo credit: Oxfam International.

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