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PROJECT: Renewable energy solutions for Punjab’s industrial sector: Evaluating the NAMA approach in Sialkot City

Project Reference: TAAS - 0047

CDKN helped the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan to take the first steps towards developing a sub-national nationally appropriate mitigation action (NAMA) proposal, targeting the industrial sector of the largest province of Punjab in Pakistan. The NAMA has attempted to focus on identifying and implementing renewable energy strategies for the industrial sector of Sialkot city, a major economic hub. This work has built understanding around the viability of renewable energy solutions for small and medium enterprises operating in Sialkot, particularly with regard to how this might support industrial development coupled with energy sustainability, given the energy crisis in the country. The project also aimed to enhance understanding of the public and private sectors in Punjab regarding the potential role of renewable energy based solutions and NAMA as a policy tool in meeting industrial energy needs; and while doing so, deliver mitigation and adaptation co-benefits, such as job creation and environmental protection. This was the first NAMA in Pakistan at the sub-national level.

The project resulted in a

• Key stakeholder mapping and a partnership building strategy
• A policy analysis describing the policy environment governing industrial energy and renewable energy development in Pakistan, with special attention to Sialkot’s context.
• Technical Report detailing results of the scoping research undertaken to identify and assess options for NAMA development in Sialkot’s industrial energy sector.
• A policy brief relevant to the scoping focus

CDKN Funding: £160,000

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