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PROJECT: Renewable Energy Empowerment in Sierra Leone: A Vision to Electrify Rural Sierra Leone

Project Reference: AAGL-0017a

The primary objective of the project was to execute an innovative, stakeholder engagement process that addresses country-specific needs and catalyses innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Through four innovation phases the project has:

  • Researched and developed a knowledge base of existing renewable energy policy in Sierra Leone, including the availability, demand and feasibility of different RE technologies and financing options
  • Engaged stakeholders through an outreach programme
  • Hosted an innovation workshop for key decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Disseminated the outcomes of the workshop

This project was supported under Round 2 of CDKN’s Innovation Fund. The Fund is designed as open and competitive to provide fast-moving support for innovative initiatives in the field of climate change and development. For Innovation Fund projects, lead applicants must include African institutions, preferably government institutions, and must present ‘game-changing’ ideas.

Budget: £78 250

Timeframe:  6 months, Jan – Jul 2013

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