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PROJECT: Video coverage – ‘The new security agenda’ event at COP20

Project Reference: AAGL-0050b

Video coverage for COP side event ‘A new Security Agenda: safeguarding water, food, energy and health security in a changing climate’, taking place on 10th December 2014. There will also be widespread dissemination of the video through IISD channels, as they are the premier news service for governmental delegates at the UNFCCC COP

The film coverage of CDKN’s side event on climate and water security at COP20 is aimed at driving higher ambition and enhanced action for climate compatible development among government decision-makers and the advisers and stakeholders who influence them. It will do so by positioning climate change as an unavoidable security issue of the greatest national, regional and international importance.

Comms and publications at COP face fierce competition as many organisations release exciting publications to coincide with the event.  IISD have excellent reputation for filming and editing short videos and will be distributing it to a wide ranging audience via a number of channels, principally their Earth Negotiations Bulletin, which is consumed avidly by government delegates to the COP, and also via their climate-l mailing list to tens of thousands of climate and development professionals. This will raise awareness of CDKN’s work and our discussions taking place at COP.


Video of the event

Suppliers: ODI

CDKN funding: £3,200

Picture: Ministerio del Ambiente

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