PROJECT: Support for the Preu COP20 presidency

PROJECT: Support for the Preu COP20 presidency

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Project detail:
Status: Completed

The objective of the project was to continue to support the Peru COP20 Presidency team during 2015, a critical year for international climate negotiations, and to support the presidency in its preparations for the UNFCCC meeting in the lead up to COP21 in Paris, where Peru will hand over its presidency to France.

Such preparation is important to maintain the political momentum generated in Lima for urgent action, and continued progress in the drafting of global climate agreement. This project seeks to do this by continuing support for a series of issue-based strategic sessions, and assistance to update the strategy for addressing mitigation in the negotiations following the outcome in Lima.

The overall project objectives were as follows:

  1. Improving the ability of the COP presidency to drive consensus on mitigation issues during post-Lima and pre-Paris.
  2. Improving the ability of the COP presidency to raise pre-2020 ambitions supporting the work under workstream 1 (2015 Paris Agreement: work under the ADP) and workstream 2 (pre 2020-ambition, the Lima-Paris climate agenda)
  3. Creating the conditions for a successful COP and addressing potential challenges by supporting the COP presidency to update their COP strategy and delivery plan for Paris 2015 to reflect the outcomes and experience of COP20 in Lima.

Suppliers: Libélula Comunicación Ambiente y Desarrollo

Partners: Maria Paz Cigarán (Strategic Advisor), Ion Sotes (M&E Expert) and Roberto Acosta (Consultant)

Project Value: £40,000

Picture: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores