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PROJECT: CDKN learning event at COP20 – “Transformational change in climate compatible development context”

Project Reference: AAGL-0050c

CDKN supports decision makers in developing countries to design and implement climate compatible development strategies that will transform development in addition to responding to the challenges of climate change. After 5 years of work, CDKN’s projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia have reached a high level of maturity. Through its projects, CDKN has had tangible impacts and has contributed to transformation and change in different countries. CDKN has also positioned itself as a trusted partner and recognised convener, widening its influence through a broad network of stakeholders and actors.  CDKN has put into place a Learning Strategy that looks at strategic topics aiming to scale-up and share lessons with a wide range of key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Transformational change is at the core of CDKN’s “raison d’être” and is one of the key themes that CDKN seeks to explore and understand. Therefore, CDKN is undertaking a learning inquiry about transformational change that aims to develop a better understanding of the key characteristics, learn from CDKN’s experience about enabling transformational change, and to identify a number of case studies of transformational change in the context of climate compatible development from within and beyond CDKN. The lessons we can draw as a network about contributing to transformational change will enable CDKN and the international climate compatible development community of practitioners to design and implement policies and interventions that yield transformational change.

CDKN will play a prominent role during COP20. Not only will CDKN have the opportunity to push the climate compatible development agenda forward and build a strong bridge to COP21 in Paris, there will also be the chance to create platforms for developing country partners to share real experiences of achieving transformational change, and to share and discuss lessons around the results and actions with different audiences. Moreover, many CDKN representatives and staff members, partners, suppliers, policy-makers and corporate and civil society leaders will be attending COP20. The Learning Team will also have made significant progress on the transformational change learning inquiry and will be able to share and test a draft CDKN definition of transformational change, its main characteristics and CDKN’s case studies.

Therefore, COP20 offers a strategic opportunity to organise a learning event where CDKN can invite a group of multilateral partners, deep engagement country partners and negotiators to share their experience of achieving transformational change and to provide feedback and reflections on CDKN’s draft definition of transformational change.

The learning event will be followed by a networking reception.



Share and test the findings of CDKN’s learning inquiry on transformational change, and collectively identify with an external audience examples of transformational change in a climate compatible development policy context.

Specific objectives

  • Identify a number of new relevant climate compatible development examples, possible case studies and practical experiences of transformational change from beyond CDKN.
  • Identify factors that enable or hinder successful transformational change in a climate compatible development context.
  • Foster cross-regional and south-south discussions by sharing concrete experiences.


  • A COP20 side event.
  • Collective leaning through the event (appropriately shared with Learning Champions and staff) that reflect the methodology and approach used, the main results and lessons in terms of knowledge.
  • A learning output (blog)
  • Case studies of non-CDKN examples of transformational change
  • A video with short interviews with event participants

Optional: input from the selected participants on a voluntary-basis to produce a one-pager on their transformational change in order to give inputs to the Learning Team prior to the event and after the event. That will complement the information collected during the sessions

Partners: Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA)

CDKN funding: £2,257.75

Picture: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

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