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PROJECT: ICT solutions for negotiators and delegates

Project Reference: ADGL-0018

The overall purpose of this work was to identify ICT solutions for negotiators and delegates to access the knowledge and information they need for UNFCCC and other climate change related negotiations.

One of the key reasons behind this project was the need to enhance negotiators and delegates’ technical, legal and finance knowledge and build confidence in their ability to intervene and influence climate negotiations without the need to fly large delegations from each country to every conference/meeting.

Sending large delegations from each country and negotiating group results in large logistical costs and carbon emissions. New innovative and sustainable ways need to be put forward now to deliver support to negotiators and delegates, especially those from the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

This work included:

  • A baseline analysis of current ICT solutions available to negotiators and delegates (including websites, apps, and other communication tools). This analysis reviewed functionality, usage, content, and a comparative analysis of ICT tools and solutions used by other groups of negotiators and delegates.
  • Stakeholder consultation gaining both qualitative and quantitative data from surveys and interviews to understand the needs and requirements of stakeholders and to provide evidence of demand for ICT solutions and support for any  new solutions. (CDKN provided the supplier with a list of key stakeholder contacts as a starting point for this consultation).
  • Proposal of a range of ICT solutions for development, with recommendations of a preferred solution.

Recent update:

Read the recommendations report which draws on research conducted at COP18 and outlines a framework for the conceptual design and delivery of ICT solutions for climate negotiators.

CDKN funding: £23,500

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